Automate, Simplify and Disrupt Your Claims, Litigation and Discovery Processes

In-house counsel and law firms continue to face operational challenges, including cutting costs, “doing more with less”, yet they still have to deliver quality service in a timely manner with efficiency, while reducing legal risk to the business. Artificial intelligence (AI) can go a long way in facilitating operational excellence in corporate legal departments.  However, it can be difficult to separate the reality from the hype surrounding this technology.

At we have created a web-based, end-to-end software ecosystem that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Database Automation to allow in-house, national and local counsel to interface on claims, lawsuits and discovery and automate, simplify and disrupt legal processes and traditional communication methods.

Clients using our technology

How It Works

It works by helping you to easily manage all of your corporate claims, litigation and discovery in one software ecosystem.

  • All case data and interaction with local counsel flows through the system significantly reducing emails, conference calls and other time consuming activities.
  • The system is based on a very powerful and adaptive relational database architecture with a built-in AI system allowing you to leverage the power of AI
  • Stop redundant data entry and easily import data using API or CSV files
  • Automate the preparation of discovery responses and the preparation of recurring correspondence and documents
  • Easily track all case information and milestones and share reports in-house and with local counsel and much much more…

Why choose us


CounselVision is loaded with powerful and time savings features. There are too many game changing  features to list, but below are some examples…

AI Case Analytics

Our proprietary AI case analytics system monitors every data point of every case, making sure your team stays at peak efficiency and all goals and milestones are being met.

Document Automation

Save time and money by quickly and easily automating email, correspondence, and pleadings using our eDocs technology.  Easily customizable to your needs.

Streamline Communication

No more chasing information or searching emails looking for case summaries, authority requests, status report, trial reports – you get the idea. All requests and reports are contained and routed in the system.

Customer Support Team

Your customer support team is always available to answer questions and to assist you with customizing the system to meet your every need.

Move into the Future

By adopting CounselVision you and your team are stepping into the future of litigation management and will never look back.

Trends and Prediciton

Having all of your data collected in one location allows you to easily identify trends or risks and also allows you to easily feed your data to the AI system to make predictions about your data.

Document Cloud

Quickly and easily save, manage and view all of your documents related to your cases – with our CounselVision cloud file system.

Easily Customize Workflow

CounselVision is designed to be easily customized for your type of litigation and workflow tracking,

Robust AI case analytics with your real-time case data

Our proprietary AI case analytics system monitors every real-time data point of every case, making sure your team stays at peak efficiency and all goals and milestones are being met and you are on top of every case.

If you truly want to disrupt your legal processes and take advantage of real-time data, AI and automation technology – click below and learn how you can get started.